Vermilion Municipal Court - Payment Instructions

  1. On the search page, enter your seach criteria (last name is required) and click the "Search" button.

  2. From the list of matches, indicate which cases are yours by checking the box labeled "My Case" next to each case and then click the "Continue" button.

    Key Symbols:
    - Payments can not be accepted for this case because it has a hearing scheduled today. In these situations, payments can be made on the case on the following day.
    - Payments can not be accepted for this case bacause a payment was made or attempted on it recently which has not yet been applied. Visit this site on the next business day to verify the payment was accepted and applied by the court.

    W/P - The "W/P" column indicates whether the case is a waivable offense (W), or a fine payment (P). Waivable offenses have to be paid in full, whereas fine payments can be made in installments. An "N" in this column indicates the fine cannot be paid on the internet.

  3. On the "Fine/Waiver Totals" screen, you are asked to enter the amount you wish to pay. If any of the cases you selected require further action, a "Special Instructions" box will also be displayed, detailing what is required from you in addition to paying your fine/waiver. Upon entering the amount to pay, and reviewing the "Special Instructions", click the "Continue" button to proceed to step 4.
    Note: By clicking the "Continue" button, you admit that you have read and understood the additional requirements under "Special Instructions".

  4. Your total payment is displayed on this screen, including the convenience, if any, charged by the Court and added to your amount. Once you've verified the amount to be correct, click the "Pay Fine" button to continue.

  5. At this point, you will be asked to provide your credit card and billing information. Required fields will be indicated as such. Once you have entered all your credit card and billing information, click the button to continue.

  6. Depending on how the system is configured, you may be asked to confirm your payment again. Once the transaction is completed, please allow up to 3 business days for you payment to be applied to your case.
Be sure to print and retain the confirmation screen for your records as this will be your only receipt.

Please Note: If the transaction is declined, you are still legally obligated to pay your fines either online or in person.

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