Probation Department
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The Vermilion Probation Department is dedicated to the enhancement of our community in a professional and caring manner. We are devoted to supporting and serving offenders and the Vermilion Municipal Court. Through efficient service, we are committed to meet the needs of those individuals in which we serve, and to achieve the ultimate goal of rehabilitation for the offender.


C. Michael Levelle is the Probation Officer of the Court. He began his employment for the City of Vermilion in 2009 as the Court Security Officer. Mr. Levelle is a Navy Veteran of the Vietnam Era serving in a special military unit, with an honorable discharge. Mr. Levelle once again entered military service in 1988 in the officer corps serving in a number of assignments and units retiring as the commanding officer of the 93rd Military Police Battalion. Mr. Levelle has served with the Milton Township Police Department and the Vermilion Police Department. He has assisted the Department of Homeland Security and has been deployed on a number of special assignments. Mr. Levelle has 20 years of law enforcement experience. His skills and experiences will enhance the work of the Court.


Before Sentencing: Those defendants found guilty of misdemeanors from the 4’th to the 1’st degree (M-4 through M1) in traffic and criminal cases are many times referred to the Probation Department for a pre-sentence interview and report.

When an offender is assigned to enter a program of probation, a probation officer will generally supervise him. The probation officer’s challenge is to see that the offender participates in all required treatment/education programs, refrains from criminal behavior, and addresses all others of the Court in a responsible and conscientious manner. Probation protects the community, and also gives the offender the opportunity of correcting behavior that is harmful to society.