Waiver Schedule
Effective: January 2, 2014
Offense Waiver
0-10 $130.00
11-19 $155.00
20 miles per hour and above may post bond of $245.00.
All 3rd offense speed within a 12 month period must appear in Court
1 Vehicle with insurance $170.00
2 Vehicles with insurance $195.00
No waiver permitted on offense without insurance  
$155.00 Waivers  
No Personal Flotation Device  
No Fishing License  
Wake Violation  
All Minor Misdemeanors not listed above including criminal cases.
$125 Waivers  
Seat Belt/Operator  
$135.00 Waivers  
Red Light and Stop Sign Violations  
Expired Registration  
Expired Operator License  
$115.00 Waivers  
Seat Belt/Passenger  
The Following Minor Misdemeanor Offenses are not Waiverable

Passing School Bus
Speeding in School Zone
3rd Speed within 12 month period
All speeding offenses of 20 MPH over limit
No Operator's License
Reckless Operation
Accident Without Insurance
Parking in Handicap Space
Fail to Yield Emergency Vehicle
Railroad crossing when lights flashing/gates down
Disorderly Conduct/Disorderly Conduct Intoxicated
Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

All minor misdemeanors for traffic or criminal cases not listed above are $155.00
Bond Schedule    Effective May 1, 2016
MM $245.00 (NO 10%)
M-4 $2,500.00
M-3 $3,000.00
M-2 $4,000.00
M-1 $5,000.00
F-5 $7,500.00
F-4 $10,000.00
F-3 $15,000.00
F-2 $25,000.00
F-1 $50,000.00
OVI Offenses  
OVI 1st & 2nd In 6 Years $5,000.00
OVI 3rd In 6 Years $10,000.00
OVI 4th In 6 Years $12,000.00
UNCLASSIFIED MISDEMEANOR: Driving Under Suspension Offenses $2,500.00
If an individual is not released on a personal recognizance bond then, unless otherwise ordered by Court, all bonds are Cash, Surety or 10%.
All bonds can be posted at the Vermillion Municipal Court during normal business hours. Bonds may be posted during evening hours and weekends at
Vermillion Police Department
5791 Liberty Avenue
Vermillion, OH
440 204-2449
All bench warrants will have the bond listed on the warrant.
A $25.00 state surcharge (bond fee) shall be collected on all bonds.
As a condition of bond for offenders who commit felony offenses and certain specified misdemeanors, the accused must submit to collection of a DNA specimen pursuant to O.R.C. 2901.07(B)(1).
The following require bonds from the Judge  
Felony charges not listed above
Domestic Violence